Ash on the Beach – Melbourne – Family Portrait Photography


It’s not often I get this one to agree to letting me stick my camera in her face.
But she was after something!
So I made the most of it.
‘Sure Darling, you can do that.  Hey – would you mind coming to the beach so I can take some pics?’

We have a beach 5 mins walk from our house – we are insanely lucky.
However, I was keen to take some portraits at a different one – about a 15 min drive away.
There was a bit of eye rolling when I told her my plans – and then I gave her my well practiced ‘look’ which clearly reminded her of what I’d just agreed to let her do (nothing too major by the way, just 2 sleep overs in a row – but normally we only allow 1 a weekend – so it was worth something to her!)
We timed it beautifully – the light was perfect.
AND she was a trooper!  Did everything I asked of her – including walking out to the rock – even though she didn’t have her swimmers and it ended up looking like she pee’d herself (her words, not mine!).

I love these pics of her AND they terrify me!  I know she’s growing up and these prove it.  She’s beautiful and doesn’t see it, so is prone to pulling some ridiculous faces!  Funny faces or not, I think she’s gorgeous.

I just hope I don’t have to resort to bribery every time I want some pics of her!
AND I will resort to it – every time!  It’s worth it to have these memories with her!

Don’t you?

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9 Comments on “Ash on the Beach – Melbourne – Family Portrait Photography”

  1. Jo

    Well Ashley theses pics are a far cry from that small girl who came to hockey some years ago. Looks like you’ve grown into a beautiful young lady and you may hate me for saying this but not so disimilar from your gorgeous Mum but probably taller! Quirky and wilful not bad qualities to have but more than that you are lucky to have parents that love you so much, in years to come their words will be wise to you! Xx

  2. Maxine

    To Ashley. I hate having my pic taken too so I think its lovely you gave your mum the opportunity to spend some fun time with you, us mums need that too you know 🙂 But also you have now got some gorgeous memories in the form of these pictures showing a well happy, healthy, fit young lady. Keep on with the fun stuff, love that big smile.

  3. Susan

    Anna and Ash, what a gorgeous thing, to spend some 1 on 1 time together documenting this time in your life. Beautiful images of a courageous, strong spirited and kind hearted young woman!

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