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Best Man Wedding Speeches

It’s an honor and a privilege to be asked to be the best man for your friend, your brother and sometimes it’s even your father asking you to do this honor.  One of the obligations and duties of the best man is the best man wedding speech. Oops!  So you thought the only thing you needed to …


Wedding Planning Advice

It cannot be over emphasized enough, to ensure a perfect wedding day, you must start making your wedding plans as early as you possibly can. If you start making wedding plans early, it will save you a lot of heartache and stop you from being so rushed off your feet, if you leave everything to …


Wedding Guests and Family

Consideration & Respect For Family Of course naturally enough, you will be making wedding plans with yourself in mind. Bear in mind too that within your wedding plans, consideration and respect should be given to both sides of the family, giving both sides some room for their input will not only go a long way …