The Prices

The fact that you’re now on this page, hopefully means, that so far, you like what you see – this means so much to me…
I’m always so chuffed whenever I’m asked to take someone’s wedding or family photographs – it really is an honour.

So let’s talk

about the $$$ ….

Firstly – Weddings…
I’ve tried to keep things really simple for you.
I’ve got 3 options for you, that range from an hourly rate right, up to an all ‘singing and dancing’ package –
all laid out in a helpful brochure.
It’s easy.
Prices start at $450 / hour
Packages start at $3550

For Family and Portrait Photography, send me an email and I’ll work out a suitable quote for you.

But really, it all starts with a conversation – tell me a bit about yourself so I can get an idea of what you’re after and I’ll send out the brochure.

this is what I need …
just send it in an email to

your name
your email
when do you need me?
where do you need me?
how did you find me?
your favourite movie/ band

The best way to work out whether I’m what you’re after – is with a conversation. We can either meet face to face, meet on skype, go old skool and have a phone conversation – or some people like to just stick to email. No dramas – any/ all options work for me. Any which way, we can chat about how I go about getting all those precious candid moments and the beautifully simple portraits.