Rangefinder Lifestyle 2017 – First Place Portrait


On a whim I entered the Rangefinder LIFESTYLE photo contest – in the Portrait section.

I think I must have entered it quite soon after it opened, because day after day I watched more and more amazing images by some truly talented artists being added to the ‘Latest Entries’ page.   I started to question my own sanity and ‘why the hell am I doing this to myself?’.

Don’t’ get me wrong – I LOVE the images I submitted and am super proud of them – regardless.  But like a lot of artists, I imagine, my self-confidence is fragile.   Especially as I entered down this ‘professional’ photography path relatively late in life.  So to expose myself (or rather my photography) to such a wide and talented audience, is slightly terrifying.  It’s just as well I didn’t think it through too much and just entered!

However – my whim paid off!
And, holy shit, I actually got First Prize for the Portraits section.
It still doesn’t really feel real.  I quite can’t believe it – but am pretty bloody happy about it!


So a very big thank you to the judges for picking the below images as their winning images.  Thanks to you, my self-confidence is doing a major happy dance right now!

And of course thank you to my gorgeous Makenzy – who is forever patient with me and my camera.  I’m not quite sure she understands just how much it means to me that she lets me do this with her!

Not only that – all the portrait photography I am doing with her – is only honing in my skills for all my gorgeous couples on their wedding day.

These are the images that won me First Place in the Portraits section of the Rangefinder Lifestyle Photo contest.

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