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Not very long ago, a very lovely Nat, from Tillee Music, reached out to me saying how much she loves my work.
I’ll tell you now, flattery gets you far my friend! 🙂
Anyhoo – she needed someone to take some pics of a new dynamic (musical) duo for her website.
Dynamic (musical) duo’s being the name of her game – go and see, she has a very lovely collection of them.

That’s how I got to meet these 2 – James and Tim.
It was easy to see how they can make such gorgeous music together – they’re firm friends and are both slightly bonkers – although I’d say Tim is slightly more so – sorry Tim!  It even turns out we went to primary school in the same small town – just many years apart – clearly!

Back to the music – so yes, they duo together – and beautifully so – perfect for any wedding ceremony and leading up to some dance floor kick-offs.  Quite frankly, I’d quite like to have them sat in my house for some lovely festival chill-out vibes on a permanent basis!  Too weird??  Maybe, but true.

Go and have a look at them on Nat’s gorgeous website – where you’ll be able to feast your ears on their gorgeous sounds – which I can personally vouch for – it was one of my most musically delicious shoots yet! – that and a lot of belly-ache laughing! 🙂


TilleeMusic-Tim&James022 TilleeMusic-Tim&James030 TilleeMusic-Tim&James007 TilleeMusic-Tim&James014 TilleeMusic-Tim&James026 TilleeMusic-Tim&James001 TilleeMusic-Tim&James024TilleeMusic-Tim&James001-4 TilleeMusic-Tim&James015 TilleeMusic-Tim&James009 TilleeMusic-Tim&James004 TilleeMusic-Tim&James008 TilleeMusic-Tim&James019 TilleeMusic-Tim&James025 TilleeMusic-Tim&James031 TilleeMusic-Tim&James021 TilleeMusic-Tim&James027 TilleeMusic-Tim&James013 TilleeMusic-Tim&James017 TilleeMusic-Tim&James032 TilleeMusic-Tim&James005 TilleeMusic-Tim&James006 TilleeMusic-Tim&James011 TilleeMusic-Tim&James016 TilleeMusic-Tim&James029 TilleeMusic-Tim&James018 TilleeMusic-Tim&James003 TilleeMusic-Tim&James020

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