Consideration & Respect For Family

Of course naturally enough, you will be making wedding plans with yourself in mind. Bear in mind too that within your wedding plans, consideration and respect should be given to both sides of the family, giving both sides some room for their input will not only go a long way on the big day, but could also sooth ruffled feathers if by accident, you leave out something which you might regret on the day.

Consideration will also have to be given to the physical needs of your family and guests, especially if some of them are elderly, infirm or have a disability. These are very easy things to overlook, so make a note of this on your wedding plan list.

Both families too will have their own ideas on who should be invited to the big day. Never let family disagreements spoil your day, for everyone will like at times to get their own way, such is a fact of life. At the end of the day, it is your day though, not theirs and they should respect you whatever you decide to do. If you can possibly do so, even with all of the stress around you, never fall out with family members whilst making your wedding plans. There is nothing worse than divisions being caused inadvertently or otherwise which ultimately end up putting a dampener on your enjoyment upon your wedding day.

Wedding Guest Pitfalls

Sooner or later you will need to sit down to work out your wedding guest list, who to invite to your wedding and who not to invite to your wedding. This can also be a stressful period in your wedding planning as someone, somewhere is bound to feel left out. It may be that you invite only a select few to the actual wedding ceremony itself, for example families on both sides and close friends only, casting a wider net of invitations to the wedding reception. In this way you can often keep pretty much everyone happy.

Of course every individual wedding plan is different and unique. You know best what will work for you. These ideas are offered as guidelines only.

Try to be sensitive though to the needs and wishes of your fiancee. There will be individuals in their life that they will want at the wedding no matter what and ideally you need to not only take this into account but respect this completely too, even if at times you do not agree with the full wedding invitation list.

Open and honest communication is the best tool in your arsenal here on this point. You may at times need to make a compromise also, especially if it helps your partner to be, more happy, which at the end of the day, is exactly what you want anyway.