It cannot be over emphasized enough, to ensure a perfect wedding day, you must start making your wedding plans as early as you possibly can. If you start making wedding plans early, it will save you a lot of heartache and stop you from being so rushed off your feet, if you leave everything to the last minute. Make lists of everything that you need to get organised for your wedding day.  This can be easily done with our free downloadable wedding planning checklists. Prioritize your list into two columns, an A/ Column for high priority tasks and a B/ Column for less important tasks. Adjust this list every night and tick off the wedding planning tasks that you have completed. Make sure on this wedding list that you keep a space to one side for brief written notes, reminders of what you need to do, addon’s etc to your wedding list.

Concentrate on the major tasks of your wedding planning first. The date and venue are likely your two most important considerations. If a church wedding, making sure that the church is available on your wedding date of choice and the person conducting the wedding ceremony also has an available allocation of time for your wedding.

Other major wedding plan tasks that you may wish to get organised early include booking your flowers for the big day, the photographer, the wedding cars, the choice of reception venue and food plus looking after any special dietary considerations of your guests, an easy to overlook but nevertheless important task to organise, better at the beginning rather than too late, towards the end of your wedding plans. If organising a wedding reception outside, you might want to book marquee’s in case of inclement weather.

If you look online, you will see that there are some marvellous and very good wedding planning ‘toolkits’, which can help you to bring all of the major and minor wedding plan details together, so that every last details comes together in harmony to make your wedding day very, very special indeed for everyone attending your wedding and more especially, for the bride and groom.