These stories remind us that we must be patient with weddings and travel delays.

Susana & Asterios dated across the pond long distance for a whole year. They got engaged & wed at Chicago City Hall within 48 hours. Six years later, they were married in a Greek church with their daughter in attendance.

While the wait might seem long to some, it was worth it. This wedding is as romantic as Greek weddings get!

Our Love Story

After completing my studies, I moved to London. My Greek husband was returning to the USA after a stopover in London. He stayed at the home of a friend. We went to dinner together on December 4, 2010, and there was an unmistakable spark. The next day, we added each other to Facebook and have talked every day since. Our love story began when we lived in two different countries.

I visited him for Valentine’s Day in Miami. When we met at Miami International Airport, we shared our first kiss. He called me in London at Easter, and I moved to Miami during the summer. Due to visa problems, I was forced to return to Europe a year later. We had a one-year long-distance romance, where we saw each other once every three months.

My husband moved to Chicago a year later. He took me to the city when I visited him in Chicago for the first time after he had moved. We walked up to the Ferris Wheel on the Navy Pier. He proposed at the top of this wheel! But that wasn’t all. He said, “Let’s walk; I have something to tell you.” Once we had left the Ferris Wheel, he continued, “Let me continue walking. We will be married tomorrow, and you can move permanently to America. So my engagement lasted one day! We were married at City Hall and had our daughter five years later. Six years later, we remarried.

The Destination

After getting married in the City Hall, we went to Greece and looked for a venue. We went to Santorini and Halkidiki. I fell in love with Villa Galia. The views were stunning. I began to imagine my wedding. Let the picture at Vila Galini do the rest.

When we first spoke, I told Konstantina Soo Events about my plans for the wedding. I wanted a wedding that was elegant with all-white decor to contrast the view of the ocean. I enjoyed both a Saxophonist as well as a pianist at the reception. Most importantly, I wanted to ensure my friends had a great time. The festivities began with a boat ride on Thursday, followed by dinner on Friday and the wedding on the following Saturday. It was a beautiful three days spent with family and friends.

Planning & Design

Konstantina designed a mood board with white and gold details and refined, timeless designs. This gave off a feeling of luxury.

All those details were implemented in our wedding suite and turned out spectacular. Our graphic designers designed white cards with gold letterpressed foil and an almond-colored envelope. They also created a gold wax stamp with a custom-made logo. Our graphic designers also created matching welcome boxes featuring our logo and traditional Greek treats such as mastika, sesame desserts, and honey.

Favorite moments

I enjoy creating memorable moments for guests and ensuring they have as much fun as me. My wedding was romantic and elegant. The wedding was beautiful, with our closest friends there to celebrate. The best part of our wedding was the first dance. I wanted it to be magical and unforgettable. I selected “There for Me” by Sarah Brightman and Jose Curra. We had flares in the background at minute 2.42mn during the crescendo chorus.

The Flowers

We chose white peonies as my bouquet and various white flowers to fill the arrangements. These included roses, orchids, and hydrangeas. Our guests were welcomed at the villa by our welcome board, seating chart, and dessert table.

Our guest tables were round with gold metallic stands and white floral arrangements. We also chose a white Tiffany chair with damask off-white linens. Our wedding planner recommended a long white table with a wooden framework filled with flowers. We wanted the family table to be a focal point, so she suggested using a more extended table with a wooden frame. Our tableware had a white base with a gold edge, and our flatware was vintage and gold.

The Photography & Videography

The wedding day is going to fly by. I wanted to have a photographer and videographer capture our precious moments for eternity. My wedding planner had given me a list of past photographers she had worked with. Me and my husband looked at their portfolios. I knew I wanted photos with great detail, elegance, and brightness. After seeing Paul’s work and attention to point, I knew I wanted him to be my photographer. I wish I had been more specific in describing the pictures I wanted to capture.

The same goes for video. We studied the work of different videographers. Yannihood videos were timeless, which I wanted in a videographer.