Winter proposals Winter decor Winter alpacas. We’re all about weddings in winter right now, and today is no exception.

When we think of Chicago, we picture piles of fluffy white snow, ice-skating on the frozen lakes, and staying warm by the fireplace. So, it is only fitting that the Chicago wedding occurred during the coldest season of the year. The Windy City has several beautiful indoor event venues that will make you forget the freezing temperatures outside. Brad and Jen chose one of the most beautiful wedding venues for their winter wedding – the Chicago Cultural Center.

When you scroll through the beautiful wedding photos of Clary Pfeiffer, you’ll understand why this was an easy decision. Wedding couples, photographers & planners will be delighted by the grand ballrooms and art deco tiled ceilings. The couple’s planner took inspiration from the green and pink rooms and let the venue’s natural beauty shine through with complementary hues of drapery & florals.

Our Love Story

Jen and Brad met on Bumble when they lived in New York City. Jen, who had recently moved to New York City, was a bagels lover and asked Brad for his recommendations. Brad said he would happily tell Jen his favorite bagels over dinner. After their fourth date, the two were practically inseparable.

Brad moved to Chicago after eight months of dating for a job. Jen then followed three months later. Brad planned his proposal, and then after, he knew Jen was the one. Brad’s future groomsmen drove Jen to six Chicago landmarks, representing the first time Brad and Jen had been there. Jen was surprised at each of the six stops by one of Brad’s future bridesmaids. Between visits, those who couldn’t fly to Chicago called Jen. Jen’s parents gave their blessings at the fifth stop. Brad proposed to her at the final finish.

Brad had the family jeweler Eitan Borochov design Jen’s engagement band. Inside is a message that was engraved just for Jen. Eitan also made both Jen’s and Brad’s wedding rings.

Dress & Attire

Jen and Kelley, her maid of honor, visited five bridal boutiques until they found the perfect dress in Mira Couture. Jen and Kelley began to cry as they tried on the dress, realizing their search was over. Jen met Netta BenjaminShabu in person during her final fitting. She designed the winning dress. Jen completed her look with Jimmy Choos, diamond and pearl earrings that are family heirlooms, and Jimmy Choos.

On their wedding day, Jen wore the gold wedding ring of Brad’s great-grandmother, who was over 100 years old. The circle symbolizes enduring happiness for every bride who has worn it. Brad wore the custom-made tuxedo that he designed while Jen and he were traveling abroad. Brad wore the light-blue collar of Winston, their miniature schnauzer, which he wore the day Jen and Brad first picked him up.

Weddington Way provided the bridesmaids with light grey French gowns. Each bridesmaid chose the style of dress that best suited them. Brad’s groomsmen, ushers, and all his men wore black tuxedos.

The Wedding Party

Brad’s 14-year-old brother was his best man. Jen’s bridesmaids were her two sisters-in-law, her childhood best friends, her roommate from her first year, and her close friends that she met after college while living in Washington, D.C. Brad had a total of eight people as his bridesmaids. Brad’s groomsmen and ushers are made up of friends he met in college, in Chicago after graduation, and in Boston while pursuing an MBA.

The Planning

Jen and Brad had an all-star vendor cast. Michelle Kurinec of LOLA Events was the most fantastic planner they could ever have asked for. She was creative, patient, and thoughtful, making Jen and Brad’s special day more memorable. Michelle is now a close friend to them.

After a few weeks of research, Jen and Brad chose a data-am-clean-href= “” data am orig URL= “” data am tid= “acid – IxZmeBmAqiV3erUFmxpYF” href=””>Clary Pfeiffer and her husband Travis as their engagement and wedding photographers After weeks of researching, Jen and Brad chose Clary Pfeiffer with her husband Travis to be their wedding and engagement photographers. Clary Pfeiffer’s name precedes her, and her photos exude timeless beauty. They capture the moment as she would want her subjects to remember it. She and Travis make a great team, and the couple will cherish their photos forever.

The Ceremony

A string quartet performed “Stand By Me” while Jen and her father accompanied Brad, the wedding guests, and Jen’s niece and nephew. Many of Jen and Brad’s 225 guests were attending their first mixed-faith wedding. Father Jef and Rabbi Michael Sommer led a ceremony that was filled with emotion. The bride and groom exchanged vows before a modern chuppah decorated with blush and ivy floral.


After the wedding ceremony and cocktail reception, one of Brad’s closest friends introduced all the guests, including the newlyweds and their parents. Jordan Haller was also a surprise, and he sang a cover version of “Safe and Sound” as Jen and Brad performed their first dance together as a married pair on a black-and-white checkerboard-patterned floor. Jordan sang “The Same,” which he and Brad wrote for Jen and documented their love story.

Jewell Events Catering prepared a delicious dinner for the bride, groom, and guests. After dinner, guests danced to Lakeshore Encores – one of Chicago’s top wedding bands. After midnight, Jen and Brad returned to their hotel room, changed into their wedding outfits, and headed towards an after-party.


Jen and Brad had the opportunity to visit two new places. The couple spent five days in South Africa on safari. Then, they spent six blissful days in the Maldives at the Amari Havodda Resort.