You can’t wait to see another celebrity get married. The weddings are usually extravagant and filled with Pinterest-worthy detail. There are many ways to incorporate their weddings into the special day of your life, even if they’re celebrities. We’ve rounded up nine trends that were inspired by celebrity weddings. From stunning wedding style to a new take on flowers.

Dew Drop Veils

You’ve likely seen Sofia Richie’s and Elliot Grainge’s wedding if you’ve spent any time on social media in the last couple of weeks. The wedding is being called the modern royal one, it’s easy to see why. The day was elegant in every way. Sophia’s Chanel dew-drop veil is what we remember most. We are obsessed with the water resin droplets that sparkled while she walked.

Floating Outdoor Florals

Florals are a common theme at weddings. Sarah Hyland’s and Wells Adams’ big day included outdoor florals that dripped from a large tree. It’s a great twist on the traditional wedding decor. This is a great option for anyone who wants to have a garden-themed wedding.

Gloves with Embroidery

For a while, we’ve seen embroidered gloves. We even listed them among the top wedding trends in 2023. We don’t expect them to disappear anytime soon. Nicola Peltz is to be credited for this. This bridal accessory can be personalized in so many ways. You can include anything you like, whether it’s your wedding date or your new last name.

Colorful Reception Dress

Consider wearing a colorful wedding reception dress instead, just as Alexandria Daddarios wore at her New Orleans ceremony. This is a great way to bring some personality into your wedding day and gives you an excuse for wearing two dresses. Who wouldn’t like that?

Get married at home.

We know what you are probably thinking. A wedding at home isn’t a trend. We believe we should. You can host a small wedding in the place you feel most sentimental.

Patterned wedding gowns

If you’re not afraid to stand out, choose a dress with a pattern like Sophia Bush. You can find a wide range of you’redresses that are still very bridesmaid-like. These flowers add a bit more.

Bridal Scarves/Capes

Want to feel as Grace Kelly does? Anna Sophia Robb wanted to feel like Grace Kelly when she selected her custom Danielle Frankel dress, complete with a scarlet. We love capes, but a bridal scarf is the perfect way to elevate your bridal look.

Al Fresco Dining Under Canopy of Lights

You can create a magical wedding by hosting your reception under a canopy. Nothing is more magical than spending the evening with your closest friends and family in the great outdoors under a canopy of starlights.

Mirrored Ceremony Backdrop

It’s not necessary to be a music fan to appreciate the beautiful mirrored backdrop DJ Tiesto had for his Amangiri Wedding. It is modern and stylish and works well in almost any venue-espIt’slly in the desert.