Do you need some warm, Autumny feelings? The new season is fast approaching (it’s time to celebrate all you Fall Brides!). We thought this would be the best time to share a rustic yet elegant autumn wedding featuring the Catskill’s changing colors and a twist on our beloved sparkler send-off.

The Catskill Mountains are just a few hours north of New York City. This region is home to idyllic farms and a hip food culture that has grown thanks to the nearby Culinary institute and the influx of city people. Erin and Christopher are New Yorkers with a dream upstate home. They knew immediately after they got engaged that their rustic mountain Fall wedding was destined.

The venue is rustic, but the fashions are anything but. The contrast between elegant formalwear and classic blooms from budsofbrooklyn was striking. Erin and Christopher’s countryside wedding is as brilliant as any city affair, especially with the fur shawl!

We’re thrilled to see a new and simple way of sending off the wedding sparklers at this country wedding. After saying “I do,” the newlyweds danced down the aisle with rows of sparklers while Christina Lilly took the most vibrant and joyful photos. No “send-off,” followed by a wedding party all night.

Our Love Story

Chris and I first met in New York City in 2013, when I worked at an advertising company and Chris at a mobile tech sales firm. Chris and I had worked on the duplicate accounts but didn’t start dating until a mutual colleague and friend set us up for a double date. Chris took me to Ace Hotel in the evening on a Monday. He said Monday was his only “free” night, but I was too fascinated with him to miss the chance. We laughed, talked, and got to know one another during the evening. Chris kissed and hailed a taxi for me in true NYC fashion. From that night forward, we have spent most of our time with Chris, spending summers in Fire Island, listening to live music, and exploring the city aboard Chris’ Vespa.

Chris proposed to me in October 2017 before a “Yes” graffiti in Dumbo, Brooklyn. He captured the moment with his GoPro. We celebrated the proposal with our family and friends at The Ace Hotel, where we went on our first date. We will always cherish this magical night!

The Venue & Style

Chris and I quickly realized that we had the same vision of our wedding after getting engaged. We wanted to create a comfortable and warm environment for our 200+ friends and family members who would travel far and wide to spend the weekend with us. Our wedding weekend was to celebrate our love and the intertwining of our families. Full Moon Resort provided the perfect backdrop for bringing this vision to life. Full Moon Resort was the ideal place to make that vision come true.

The weekend details started to take shape after we set our date. We stayed true to our vision of simplicity and “mountain elegance” throughout the planning process. After all, the Catskill Mountains would be our backdrop. We chose natural whites and champagne tones with deep burgundy and gold pops. We love contrast, so we combined elegant formalwear and raw nature.

The Photographer

I will never forget falling in love with my coworker’s wedding pictures a year or so before I was even engaged. When I was ready to book vendors for my wedding, I asked the same coworker what she thought of her photographer. She couldn’t give a better recommendation. Christina is everything I was looking for and didn’t know I needed!

You may not realize as a bride for the first time how important it is to work with an experienced, talented, professional photographer. Finding someone with whom you are comfortable is crucial. Christina was precisely that from the very first phone call. She was friendly, confident, and professional. Christina was a great help to Chris and me during our engagement photo shoot. She made us feel comfortable.

Christina is so personable; I had known her for years by the time my wedding weekend arrived. Christina made me feel comfortable when Chris and I first saw each other. We were both nervous. She was able to give us direction and take control when needed. Did I mention that she stomped on Chris’ face as he was lifted into a chair to perform the Hora? That’s dedication. Our photos are amazing.

The Ceremony

My parents walked me to the altar while the instrumentals from “Here Comes the Sun” played. We were married by a rabbi, my childhood priest, and four of our closest family friends under a birchwood canopy. Our guests lit sparklers after the ceremony to guide us down the aisle. Surprise bagpipers led us to the front lawn, where cocktail hour was held under a large, beautifully lit tree.

Favorite moments

It’s impossible to list all the special moments that happened during this weekend! My favorite moment was our first dance to Everlasting Light by The Black Keys. Chris and I had practiced dancing in our apartment a few times before the wedding. I always told him that he needed to improve his dip. He would laugh, and each time we practiced, his descent was mediocre. He must have been saving because he was surprised to see the best drop of all time at our wedding. I was utterly taken aback by how far he took me. I thought I was parallel to the floor. When we watched the first dance, my Grandmom was beaming excited and proud when he dipped me.

Detail & Decor DIY

My mother, father, brother, sister, and sister were so creative that we built a teepee and chuppah and painted our wooden signs! My mother decorated our thank-you bags with an old Catskills postcard and added the hashtag #CampPirks that matched our customized baseball caps. The whole thing came together perfectly, and we had a lot of fun setting it all up the night before. We also focused on the ambiance – we wanted ribbons and candles in the trees and rose petals scattered all over the place!

Couples Advice

Plan the events chronologically, starting when you arrive at your venue and ending when you depart. This helps you to catch last-minute details you might not have thought about otherwise. Quality inputs will lead to quality outputs!

After your wedding, make sure you have some time to yourselves. It is essential to reflect and enjoy this short window of opportunity. At your reception, be in the moment! Everyone will enjoy themselves if you have fun.

Other tips for wedding planning and life are to read reviews. Customer reviews are a great way to get the information you need when making decisions. You can save time by listening to the opinions of others who have made the same shopping decisions.


Chris and I went on a mini-moon in Paris, our favorite city. The perfect romantic getaway allowed us to relax and reflect on the best day of our lives. We also ate as many baguettes as we wanted. We stayed in a charming, 5-star boutique called Relais Christine on the Left Bank to enjoy all that the city had to offer. It was a wonderful week! We’re planning to go on a honeymoon in Greece this fall!