There are so many pretty things in the real marriage to brighten your Monday no end.

Victoria and Joel were childhood sweethearts who reconnected in adulthood. They tied the knot at a beautiful English country wedding.

Matt & Esther captured their day filled with hay, teacups, beautiful florals, and lots of smiles.

Victoria looked radiant in her Emily Wetherell gown, which she designed herself. Joel looked dashing in a military suit. ).

After their meaningful church ceremony, they enjoyed cake on the grass outside before heading off in a red Jag convertible.

The barn wedding reception at the farm was the quintessential English shindig, complete with delicious food, charming décor, and a picturesque farmyard setting, including ponies and geese! ).

This gorgeous wedding will make you reach for your Pimms and Victoria sponges immediately.

Snapshot of the Wedding Day

Our Love Story

We met for the first time at secondary school, where a young romance blossomed. We held hands on the bus. Victoria, then 13, moved schools, and the romance was put on hold until Facebook reconnected them 13 years later.

The proposal had a dramatic ending: Joel had orchestrated the entire primary school, where Victoria taught, to be on the playground. When Victoria was standing on the balcony, the teachers and children shouted, “Will you marry him?” as he approached her on the patio and got down on one knee.

The Inspiration

English countryside in bloom!

Soft, rustic, and hand-made with whites and pastel pinks. A timeless choice for bridesmaid dresses.

How would you describe your wedding in three words or less? Rustic, creative, magical.

Emma, who found them at Lymington Market, made the most beautiful flowers for this season. They were roses with seasonal pinks and whites.

The Ceremony

A friend of mine composed a lovely choral work using Psalm 100, our favorite Psalm. The piece was written by four school friends who sang in the school choir. It was incredible!

We had a friend who sang ‘Oceans” with her guitar. It was very moving.

Advice to other couples

Budget: it all adds up. Prioritise and be realistic.

Handwork is not only fun but can also be time-consuming. Plan accordingly!

It felt as if there were more things to do when we started than there really was.

Don’t stress about the details. Every wedding is unique and beautiful because it’s a celebration.

Everyone wants to help at a wedding, whether it’s friends, family members, or friends of family and friends. It could be neighbors, co-workers, or even friends. We welcomed it, and it enhanced the wedding day.


I spent the most on the food, around PS5K. As a surprise, I hired Joel, a Jaguar E type, to drive him for the wedding day and the first day of the honeymoon. (Our wedding car was my uncle’s Land Rover). The rest of the wedding costs about PS5K.

The Photographer

Matt & Esther captured a friend’s wedding beautifully, and we knew we wanted them for ours!

Photos were important because they would be the lasting souvenirs of the event. We wanted pictures that had an atmosphere and told a tale.

I was overjoyed with the work of the photographers. I use the images as my screen saver, and they look just as good as when I first saw them.

Matt and Esther perfectly captured the mood of the day and gave us a gift of lifetime memories – this was the best part of our wedding.

The Venue

Fields surrounded this organic farm, and everything was hand-built. It was relaxing, creative, and beautiful!

The central barn, which was decorated to our liking, accommodated all the guests who stayed at the farm.

Decor & Details

The flavors I chose were vintage teacups, saucers, and teapots that I had collected at a car boot and charity sales. Since my love of tea has always been English, the teacups are old vintage ones. It was fun to match the design of each cup with the personality of our guests!

We made everything else ourselves – a large chalkboard with messages, luggage tags labeled in lavender to indicate the place, and many flowers in different pots.

My mother also found old crystal vases that she turned into candles and placed them around the courtyard as well as on the bar.

My mother had a brilliant idea. She left rugs near the barn so that guests could wrap themselves up when the evening chill set in.

She knitted blankets with her friends to send to South African orphans – they all looked so cozy and warm wrapped in their brightly colored blankets!

Victoria designed the paper goods. We had an English Stamp Company stamp made for our placenames, envelopes, and wedding invitations. The green was the same as the bridesmaids’ dresses. It was a lot of fun!

The Refreshments

We had a family-style meal, with large platters of food on the table that we shared. This relaxed atmosphere was perfect for ice-breakers and bringing people together who had never met.

The First Dance

“Dela” by South African artist Johnny Clegg… It is a childhood favorite that is upbeat, celebratory, and captures the feeling of passionate, loving love.


We stayed at some stunning hotels in Croatia. We don’t usually choose luxury hotels for holidays, but we were so happy to be pampered, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and enjoy good food.