We’re sorry if your wedding date has been affected by Coronavirus.

We wish we could help you more (we do!). We’ve tried our best to provide COVID-19-related expert guides, including how to postpone your wedding, comfort your distraught bride’s best friend, and share affordable & gorgeous gowns for an impromptu elopement, as well as live chats with Christina, our resident bridal designer.

What do you do with the original wedding date once you’ve crossed your t’s? Our friends at Be Inspired PR have gathered expert advice to help you honor the original date of your wedding.

Dress up

Dress up and celebrate your wedding date. You don’t have to wear your wedding gown or tux yet. Instead, you can dress up in an elegant suit and dress for the bride. Celebrate at home with cake, fun photos, and a wedding dance practice.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Break out the old photos. Today is the perfect day to reflect on your relationship. You can use your would-have-been wedding date to reminisce about the beginning of it all. You can look through old photos and read old love letters or emails to laugh at the stories about how you two met or started your relationship. Take the time to tell your partner what you appreciate about them. “Revisit your first date and fall in love again.” – Jenna Miller. Creative Director, This is the Guide

Create a Romantic Evening In

“Plan a Stay-at-home Soiree. You can temporarily put aside all your worries and stress for an intimate date at home. It’s a great way to reconnect with your partner and, even amidst all this craziness and uncertainty, remember that love ALWAYS wins.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, a data-am-clean href= “https://www.herecomestheguide.com/” data -am orig url= “https://www.herecomestheguide.com/” data tid= “amcid erAgO3NeEe It’s an excellent way to reconnect with someone and to remind yourself that love ALWAYS triumphs.

Plan a DIY Spa Date

“Have a Self-Care Vacation. Take a bubble bath (either together or separately!) Make a spa water or a face mask. Give each other pedis or massages. After a whirlwind journey to the wedding, you deserve to be pampered. So put on some fuzzy slippers and bathrobes, apply cucumber slices over your eyes, and relax. Act like you are on honeymoon at the Ritz.” — Jenna Miller. Creative Director, This is the Guide

Take it easy on yourself

Give yourself permission to laugh or cry, act, or do nothing. Please do it! If you want Netflix binge-watching with your partner, then do it. Please do it! If you’d like to organize a celebration to honor the day, go for it. Do not feel obligated to. It’s okay to be upset about this pandemic. How you spend your “original” wedding date is up to you.

You can hire a wedding caterer to serve you for the night

Contact your caterer. We love the idea of asking your wedding caterer for dinner for two options that you can order on the original date of the wedding. You could pick up the menu for the reception and enjoy a picnic or dinner at home to celebrate the first date. This is a great way to celebrate two anniversaries simultaneously!” – Sarah Kuhlberg. Creative Director Colette’s Catering

Champagne & Dancing

“Pop some bubbles and dance your first! You were already going to celebrate that day. It can also be used as a rehearsal date for the new one to ensure that the rhythm remains in place.” – Racquel Gyton, St. Germain Design & Co.

Support small businesses

“Order-in. Catering, bars, restaurants, and small businesses always look for new ways to keep their customers happy. Check if you can get your favorite restaurant or wedding caterer to offer take-out meals. Pick up your favorite dishes and take them to go. You can support small businesses while treating yourself. “Win-win.” – Noelle Ahmad-Snedegar Lily & Grayson Events

View Your Signature Cocktails

“Celebrate Now, Party Later!” We encourage our couples to have something. We help our clients, and others have something virtual for all their guests, starting with a drink with your signature followed by dancing or games. You can keep it intimate and trim with your fiance by dressing up, popping the champagne, and dancing together to your first dance. “Celebrating this day is essential!” – Erica Trombetti Infinite Event.

Plan a Zoom Party

Plan a date night that is extra special with your fiancé. You can then follow up your romantic dinner with a Zoom party for your family and closest friends. On the video call, you could also ask guests to share their wedding advice or a story that reflects your relationship. – Jessica Carrillo, Owner and lead planner, Art & Soul Event.

Hire your Photographer for a Day

Escape reality by having a romantic picnic at your favorite spot in the backyard, on the patio, or anywhere else (as long you can keep it open). You could ask your photographer if they are available for a porch or distanced photo shoot to capture the at-home event or a second set of engagement photos.

Order a wedding cake & take Polaroids

If you decide or want to, you can still enjoy the day with your family by having a picnic in your living room. Use the candles and decorations you had planned for your wedding.

Make a toast in your backyard while planning your bucket list. Include a cake made especially for you and your partner by a local or favorite bakery. Spend the evening taking photos of food, cake, wine, decor, and you.

You can reschedule the wedding for later and frame those photos to display on each table. This will allow your guests to celebrate with you, knowing that you’ve survived your first hurricane and they are all present to celebrate your marriage. Kimberlee Brooke Thomas Kimberlee Brooke Photography