What color palette would be more appropriate for a rustic Tuscan Wedding than olive green shades? We’re open to creative suggestions but believe this is the best match.

Shannon & Abe are international jetsetters and locals in Dubai who love the Italian countryside. (Aren’t we?). The Villa la Fontanelle wedding was a celebration of all things Tuscan. The wedding featured a classic cathedral ceremony with a millefoglie cake and an adorable gelato truck. Living flowers decorated the wedding with olive tree branches, greenery, and complementary flowers. The scene was a perfect representation of Tuscany.

Photographed by Quattro Studios and planned by Tuscan Wedding. (Also, regulars at Bridal Musings! We’re giving you a virtual trip to the beautiful foothills of Florence, Italy.

Our Love Story

Abe and I were best friends in high school for three years before we began dating.

He proposed to my on top of Arthur’s Seat, a beautiful Scottish hill. He chose Scotland to propose, even though we live in Dubai. This was thoughtful because I could have my entire family with me to celebrate the proposal. He pretended to take the picture but set up his camera for recording. So he recorded it all so that we could have a beautiful memory.

The Destination & Location

We visited several venues before deciding on Villa le Fontanelle. As soon as we arrived, it was clear this was the right venue for us. It is a beautiful venue with so many features that it feels like a wedding location even before you add any decor. As a child, I wanted a rustic wedding and live music. We knew it was unmatched when we first arrived at the venue.

The Venue of the Ceremony

We were lucky enough to have a wedding in a historic church. The church was very accommodating and helpful in helping us plan the event. The day was magical, from start to end, from the live music and fairy lights above the tables to the flowers.

Favorite moments

The moment I most enjoyed was walking down the aisle and seeing Abe. It was a wonderful feeling to see him at the other end.

We were both overwhelmed by the speeches that we heard from our families. Our wedding was unique because of the mix of nationalities, countries, and cultures from which people traveled to attend. We could also share the Italian culture and views with our guests. This created a melting pot of cultures and experiences that reflected my and Abe’s background as Scottish and Middle Eastern children who grew up in Saudi Arabia.

The Photography & Videography

Abe and I don’t like having our photos taken, but our photographer and videographer put us at ease. Mary and Maurizio are so friendly. When we received our photos, we were amazed at how many natural and beautiful pictures we had. Matteo did a great job capturing all the moments without guests noticing.

Couples Advice

Select a planner who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Planning a wedding, especially if it is a destination, can be stressful. Make sure your planner can relieve this stress.

Brides and bridesmaids should get ready early so that you can relax and take some time to relax before the wedding.

Spend time choosing the best photographer.

Expect to spend more money than you budgeted!

Honeymoon Plans

We decided to wait until our anniversary for a honeymoon because we had a destination marriage. It would give us something exciting to look forward to, and we could save money.