Jack and I will depart for our destination wedding in four days (unbelievable)! Over the past year, I have spent countless hours creating the ideal wedding weekend for our guests. Now, I am here to share all of my ideas and planning successes so that you won’t need to worry about a thing!

We think getting married is the most important thing. Luckily, it’s not complicated. We want to give our guests a week full of fun and celebrations as they spend money, take time off work, and fly to join us. After consulting with wedding planners, polling my guests, and gaining experience in the wedding industry, I have come up with a few ideas for a fantastic wedding week and honeymoon.

It’s not easy to plan a destination wedding from afar. It’s time-consuming, stressful, requires much coordination, and leaves much up to chance. It was more work than I anticipated, but I have no regrets. Our party will be “us”. If there were a package as unique as Dreams Resorts Beyond MemorableĀ in our favorite wedding destination, I would jump at it.

You can certainly plan your destination wedding independently (but brace yourselves!) You can also browse the many Dreams Resorts beautiful beach resorts and tropical destinations in Central America and the Caribbean. Let the professionals do the work.

Dreams Resorts Beyond Memorable package includes multiple events, vendor coordination, and a “we will take care of everything” attitude. You can say goodbye to destination wedding stress. Welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, and the wedding are all included in this package. You can also enjoy a romantic honeymoon or anniversary. Dreams Resorts offers a relaxing atmosphere that fits in perfectly with our plans for the week.

Arrive early

It can take me several days to switch off my work brain and enter vacation mode. As your wedding date nears, imagining your dream wedding from afar can be stressful. We have chosen to arrive in Mexico five working days before our wedding. We can then recover from the travel, get back on West Coast Time, and have a few days to settle down before our guests arrive.

You can hire a wedding planner

What if I won the lotto and could only use it to pay for our wedding? (What a fantastic scenario!) I would hire a full-service planner as my first step. We are lucky that a friend will join us as the day coordinator for a tremendous deal. Still, I can’t express how much I wish we had hired her for everything a year earlier, from corresponding with and booking vendors to coordinating and planning all rentals, supplies, and styles.

Choosing a venue with everything included, including catering, coordination, rentals, and a DJ, sounds like a great idea. Dreams Resorts Beyond Memorable Weddings comprises all coordination and vendors and is entirely customizable. You don’t need to compromise your style to make it easier.

Plan a wild welcome dinner

Our “wild crew” will be ready to party in Mexico. We planned a festive and firey Welcome Dinner the night before to save our guests a painful wedding day hangover. When guests arrive at a wedding destination, they are usually excited. Planning a welcome dinner is the perfect way to get everyone together.

Make Your Wedding Eve a “Cool Day”

After our wild night of tacos & tequila, Jack and I will host a chill all-day pool party – with coconuts on the grill & Canada ready to be cracked.

Let the day before your marriage be relaxed. Whether it’s a pool party, a spa day, or a formal dinner rehearsal, you can choose to have a fun time. Relaxing activities can help you calm down and avoid a hangover on a wedding day.

You and Your future spouse can enjoy some private time together

It’s easy to forget about spending some time alone with your partner when surrounded by friends and family you haven’t seen for a long time. Plan a sunrise beach walk on your wedding day, book a couple’s facial and massage, or reserve a private, sexy meal. It’s all about you two.

Stay Longer

Everyone hates to fly home as soon as the party ends. Why not turn your destination wedding (or minimoon) into a more extended honeymoon? Play the bride card for as long as possible with spa days, excursions, and fabulous meals. Jack and I will stay in town for a whole week after the wedding to take the guests still there on a boat trip with whale sharks. We’re as excited as we are about the wedding itself.