You’d be happy and excited for your best friend when she gets married. You would be a professional wedding planner. This excitement is unparalleled and it’s something only a friend can understand. However, you aren’t sure how to respond to the news. You will continue living your normal life with the same routine, but this incredible news hits you like a rocket.

You would be compelled to plan her wedding, dance at it, dress her up, and make a huge song list to both of you.

We’ve got some ideas that you and your best friend bride can relate to. Scroll down to learn more!

You Can Become A Wedding Planner

Because you know your friend well, you can get a good idea of her style and fashion preferences. You could also be the one who manages the wedding.

Can’t Make Sudden Plans

You might imagine calling her after work to chat, but this is impossible because she is busy planning for the wedding.

Shopping, Shopping, and Shopping!

You can’t help but feel confused for girls when it comes to shopping for clothes. You get to spend quality time with her, and you can give her some great suggestions about outfits.

Girly Talks Are Not To Be Missed

Every girl loves to have girly conversations. However, you wouldn’t be able talk about her ex-boyfriends now that she is married.

Her Husband Would be The Third Wheel

Now your best friend’s husband will be your third-wheel, no matter what time it is.

You Will Miss Her

This is a very difficult decision. You’d miss your late-night chats with her. But, you’d also be happy for her. She will start a new life. It would be an emotional rollercoaster ride.