Why endure the wet and gloomy winter rains? You know, to prepare for the lush Spring weddings that are coming!

We are walking (virtually today) through the countryside in Virginia to remind us of the many beautiful garden weddings that will be held within the next few months.

Lisa and Matthew, high school sweethearts, know how to romance. They began their love story on a school bus with a heartfelt song. As they say, “The rest is history”. No surprise, the couple who fell in love with each other understood that organic beauty and simplicity can add romance to your wedding.

The couple chose a naturally beautiful venue in Virginia’s rolling hills and decorated it with greenery, light blush accents, and other subtle details. Their genuine love shone through their elegant and understated decor. Morganrenee captured the images in a dreamy fine-art style. We’re already daydreaming about all of the beautiful garden weddings that will be held in 2020.

Our Love Story

We’re high school sweethearts. We were in our sophomore year and instantly clicked. Matthew wrote a song for me, asking me to be a girlfriend. He recorded it and played it on the school bus one morning. So romantic!

Matthew was in a severe car accident in October 2017 and spent a week in hospital. In November 2017, our proposal was extraordinary for both of us. He took me to Richmond, VA, where he got on his knees (very carefully because he had major surgery after the accident). The rest is history.

The Venue

We started looking for a location after we got engaged. We only toured the Market at Grelen because we knew as soon as our car pulled up that this was where we wanted to have our wedding. We fell in love with the property and the view of the mountains. The Market at Grelen was precisely what we had in mind. It looked romantic, had a garden-like feel, and embodied our vision.

My fairytale wedding dreams came true with the help of varying shades of pink, rustic elements, and lush greenery. I was also adamant that we have a separate sweetheart table from the wedding party and guests so Matthew and I could spend some time alone during the reception.

The Photography & Videography

We began booking our vendors as soon as we had booked the venue. Matthew and I both wanted to spend most of our budget on photography and videography since these are items you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Morgan was our photographer, and she was perfect. I often get emotional when I look at our wedding photos and see how well she captured our special day. She is so attentive to even the most minor details. This is illustrated by a picture she took before the wedding of a tiny butterfly sitting on one of the chairs. We chose her because she was able to incorporate such a minor detail.

Sam, our videographer with byDesign Films, was also exceptional. He was there at every minute, recording quietly in the background to capture all the details and crazy dancing moves during the reception.

Favorite moments

Lisa’s favorite moment was when she walked down the aisle to marry her mother:

I had imagined that moment for so many years, holding my mother’s hand as I walked towards the love of my heart. It was emotional! It was very moving!

Matthew’s favorite moment was the grand sparkler’s departure.

My favorite moment was when everyone we love and care for was all in one place, cheering Lisa and me on as we began our new lives together! This is a feeling of love and joy that I will never forget.


If we could go back in time, we would not change anything about that day. We are happy to say that everything was perfect. Everything was perfect: the decor, the weather, and the food. It was simple. We did not want much over-the-top decor because that isn’t how Matthew and I are. The Market at Grelen is a stunning venue, and decor was not our priority. The platform is already covered in flowers and lush greenery.

Couples Advice

We have two pieces of advice for couples planning their wedding: book your venue and vendors as early as possible! It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute, especially when planning a wedding. Booking your vendors immediately after finding your venue is the best way to reduce stress.

You may have a plan for the day, but it is unlikely that everything will go according to plan. Keep your spirits high! You might run out of something, or the weather may change. It’s the most important day of your entire life! They are there only to witness you and your partner making a lifetime promise and celebrating with you.


Matthew and I delayed our honeymoon mainly because of work restrictions. We are happy we made this decision. It’s not always possible to fly straight to paradise right after your wedding, especially if you have to work or if flights are expensive. Matthew and I can plan a relaxing trip without rushing back to work. By delaying the honeymoon, we can relax and enjoy a wonderful vacation. It’s also exciting to look forward to something else after the wedding. The after-wedding blues can be tricky!