You don’t get to ask for your best friend to be your bridesmaid every day, so make it special. Check out these gifts for bridesmaids before deciding on dresses and planning the bachelorette parties that you will never forget.

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Who doesn’t like to celebrate with some jewelry? Here are some of our favorite jewelry pieces, from knot-inspired earrings and dainty bracelets with initials to delicate necklaces.

Tie Hoop Earrings

Birth Flower Necklace

Initial Letter Ring

Initial Bracelet


You can’t go wrong with small accessories as a gift for a friend because they will use them again and again. We want you to spend money on items you know your friend will love. These accessories, from hair clips to socks, are sure to be their favorite.

Bridesmaids Hair Claw Clip

Bridesmaids Proposal Socks

Initial Keychain

Bridesmaid hair clips


Do your closest friends prefer coffee or mimosas to other drinks? There’s a cup or mug that can be personalized for each bridesmaid, no matter what drink they like.

Personalized Stemless wine glass

Custom Shatterproof Flowers Shot Glass

Personalized 6oz Bridesmaid Champagne Flute Tumbler

Custom Frosted Glass Tumbler


Why not add a candle that has sentimental value to your collection?

Bridesmaids Proposal Candle

Smells like you’re at the Bridal Parties Candle

Bridesmaids Proposal Candle

Will you be my bridesmaid candle


Don’t forget a few words. While you are deciding what to put on the inside of the cards, let the beautiful outside make you fall in love.

Bridesmaid Proposal Card Set

Will you be my bridesmaid card

I Have the Ring, but I need one more thing card

ADELLA Modern Bridesmaids Proposal Card

After you have chosen the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, it is time to think about what the wedding party will wear. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many choices. Check out our guide on the best online stores to purchase bridesmaid dresses to get started. Do you prefer a mismatched style? We’ve also got you covered. We give you thirteen incompatible color palettes for bridesmaids that look stunning when combined! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your groomsman? This gift idea for groomsmen will help you to dress in style.