Odds are, if you’ve been scrolling through TikTok and have seen the Anti-Bride Movement, you may already be aware of it. We’re excited to see it rocking the world of weddings. Junebug Weddings always celebrates unique weddings that defy tradition. It’s about couples who create a wedding day tailored to their needs. Now, we are finally seeing a “trend” that is doing the same.

This movement encourages couples to think outside of the box when planning their weddings and create a celebration that celebrates individuality and represents the couple’s true love. Keep scrolling to find inspiration for your vision.

What is the Anti-Bride Movement?

Anti-Bride is a movement that has taken the wedding industry by storm, and with good reason. This trend could very well become the new “normal,” and we are excited about the future of weddings. Modern couples are embracing this trend and renouncing traditional expectations. Every detail is customized, from their marriage size and fashion choices to reflect their unique personalities. Tradition has been left behind.

How to Incorporate the anti-bride trend into your wedding

Everyone will have a different idea of what an anti-bride wedding looks like. You could opt for an elopement in a distant location instead of a big local party. Maybe you will ditch the traditional wedding trends you don’t like. Perhaps it’ll include rocking a colorful suit or wedding dress.

Anti-Bride is about showing your true colors and doing things the way you want. While the options are limitless, let’s look at a few of the most popular ways to host an anti-bride wedding.

Wedding Size

Couples can choose the size of their wedding according to what they feel is right. No longer are you obligated by tradition to invite every single person in your family. You can now limit your guest list to only those who you cannot imagine your wedding without. You could choose a small wedding for a couple or an elopement. It’s your wedding, so you can decide how big or small it is.

Wedding Venue

Finding a venue for a wedding is more fun when you’re not thinking of yourself as a bride. It’s up to you to choose the space where you say ‘I do’ rather than being forced to. What’s the best part? The best part? You don’t have to stay in the traditional venue if you do not want to. You can be more creative and transform unconventional spaces into beautiful wedding venues. You can choose from local bars, restaurants, or arcades.

Wedding Dress

We’ve already said that there are no rules for planning a wedding without a bride. This is true for every aspect, including the fashion. Couples were traditionally expected to wear either a classic white wedding dress or a black and white tux. This is no longer the norm.

Couples should choose outfits that they feel comfortable in and showcase their style. It’s easy to find non-traditional attire for weddings today. There are many options available for the anti-bride style. Online boutiques and designers offer a wide range of styles. Think of short wedding dresses, pantsuits, colorful tuxes, etc.

You may have wild dreams of a courthouse or mountaintop wedding. You might want to go for a dark affair, where you wear a gorgeous black bridal gown. There are no rules in the anti-bride movements. The anti-bride movement is all about celebrating individuality. If you are looking for inspiration to create your unique wedding style, check out our guide on How to plan a Unique Wedding.