Planning the perfect bachelorette weekend is a complex process. From choosing the right destination to preparing a fun itinerary, you must make the event as memorable as the bride. It’s time for the fun part. After choosing an¬†accommodation and bachelorette gear that is suitable for your wedding party,¬†it’s now time to plan your itinerary. We’ve compiled a list that includes low-key, unique bachelorette party ideas for all.

Camping or Glamping Trip

This idea is perfect for nature-loving and adventurous brides. Your crew will have a great time, whether you rent a cabin or pitch tents. This is a good way to reset your mind before the big event.

Add some extra activities to your camping trip, such as swimming or tubing. Be sure to check out the local outdoor rules before you pack. This includes everything from alcohol limits to glass bottles. Don’t forget to bring s’mores, and don’t forget about the alcohol allowances.


If you want to keep it simple, staying at home with your friends and family might be the best option. There are many home rental options to suit every budget, personality, destination, and weekend vibe.

Spa Day

The bachelorette party revolves around treating yourself. Treat yourself and your bridal group to a spa party if you want a stress-free, relaxing activity. Do not forget to finish the experience with facials and massages.

Spas can be expensive but are worth it. You can still save money if you are on a tight budget. Bring the spa to your home by gathering your favorite products. You can ask your friends to wear their most adorable pajamas, or better yet, give them sets of coordinating shirts.

Classes in cooking or mixology

We’re all about food and drinks. Learn how to cook a new recipe with a cooking class at home or on-site. Book a private class in mixology if you prefer to be called a “mixologist” rather than a “chef.” You will learn the tricks of the trade and make something delicious.

Hire a Photographer

Let’s face it: a getaway with your closest friends is sure to leave you with a lot of great memories. You can hire a local photographer who will capture those special moments that you want to keep long after your bachelorette weekend.

Winery Tour

Wine lovers, call your attention. Spend the day enjoying wine tasting and charcuterie and visiting local or distant wineries. We recommend that you book a tour in advance to ensure a successful bachelorette weekend. Bonus: Pick up a few bottles of your favorite wine to enjoy at the wedding.

Winery Tour Must-Haves:

Karaoke Night

Warm up your vocal cords before you sing solo. You’re ready to head to the karaoke bars for a night of fun, cocktails, and videos that you can look back on for years. Junebug loves karaoke nights, especially with groups that don’t feel embarrassed to sing Queen songs or Spice Girls medleys.

Amusement Park

You probably think of a wild night on the town when you hear the phrase “bachelorette parties.” Roller coasters may be the perfect alternative to partying for you and your guests. It’s never too late to enjoy fried foods, win outrageously large stuffed toys, or ride amusement park rides.

Take the bride and groom to an amusement park and enjoy a fun-filled day. Add a little boozy fun with a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” for its International Food and Wine Festival.