What fun would it be to choose all the personal, custom details for your wedding decor? Every element of a modern wedding can be personalized. Bridal Musings is constantly filled with fresh ideas for personalizing your wedding day.

We’ve partnered up with¬†WeddingWire this wedding season to share our favorite #HowWeWed Moments. You may be wondering what #HowWeWed is. This campaign celebrates unique and personalized elements of weddings. It includes a cash prize of $1,000 and a stylish Gallery Wall from Framebridge. Have you experienced a memorable wedding? Share to be eligible for the award.

Jack and I believe your wedding should “absolutely be you.” We are also proud to live this truth. We’ve collected twelve ways to customize your wedding on the blog, and we even shared some of our own “HowWeWed,” which will happen in November.

We can’t WAIT to see your #HowWedWed creative ideas!

Personalized Hand Pies

These mini hand pies are adorable!

We think that these sweet pies are easy to DIY. Finding a local baker who makes personalized pies is a challenge. Create a stamp online using your monogram (or a few meaningful words). Bring it to the local bakery and ask if they will use your logo on your pies.

Not able to find the proper bakery for you? They are small, rustic, and look like they could be made by a friend or family member who is a good baker.

Wooden Escort Cards

Wedding calligraphy is alive! Laser-cut escort cards look professional, luxurious, and whimsical. Could they also be used as cake toppers? Please leave it to the professionals and save yourself hours of cursive labeling.

Custom Wine Labels

Are you planning to save your wedding wine in the future? There are several ways to personalize your “wedding capsule.”

Wine country brides can ask local wineries if they offer customizations. This could be a blend of your favorite grapes, or a label with your wedding date and photo.

Local Olive Oil Favors

Marrying abroad in a foodie wonderland? Find mini versions (TSA-friendly) of your favorite treats to give as guest favors.

The local specialties are the ones that I have always brought home. Think about mini-bottles of olive oils, vinegar, and preserves. You can also make traveling easier for your guests by providing them with dried goods such as sachets containing local herbs, teas, pas, ta, or spices.

Custom Neon Signage

Custom neon lights over the dance floor and aisle are great for saying, “This is our party.”

The neon signage will be a great way to mark your venue, and it’s a beautiful keepsake you can keep for many years.

Hand-Illustrated Stationery

You don’t have to be a talented artist (like this bride who created these gorgeous invites!) You can make your stationery more personal by including images of your venue, destination, or wedding planner in your invitations. Handmade paper, from dainty drawings to colorful watercolors, will give you a beautiful souvenir for your special day.

Personalized Bridal Shoes

Looking for a way to add a little flair to your wedding day attire? Add a few personalized details to your wedding shoes.

Some brides write their messages or dates on the soles, while others use bold designs on the front. We love the custom Keds that this bride had embellished!

Handmade Paper Flowers

Are you a literary-chic bride? What about adding your favorite words from your favorite books to your bouquet?

You can make a beautiful bouquet by printing your favorite quotes or pages from books you love. It’s now time to brush up on your origami! The florist can insert the paper flowers alongside the fresh blooms to create a personalized and unique bouquet.

Homemade Jam

Want my biased opinion? Homemade jam is one of my favorites.

In my opinion, making jam at home is far superior to buying it in the store. If you have time or a team, you can make little jars of jam for friends and family to say “thanks” for their visit.

Please send us any leftovers from your wedding day batch!

Meaningful Aisle Signage

Do you know a calligrapher who is available for hire? You want to make a big statement when you walk down the aisle. You can divide a favorite quotation into sections and then calligraph it to create a meaningful and bold aisle marker for your ceremony.