My wedding photography clients often tell me, “You keep your spouse, rings, and wedding photos from your wedding day.” But what if you could turn the beautiful wedding-day decor and goods you spent so much time and money on into treasures that will also last a lifetime?

It is my passion. I want to make our wedding eco-friendly. A lot of this effort comes down to less waste. We have limited the decor and purchases we make to items we will keep in the long term.

As a professional photographer for many years and as part of my planning, I have found some priceless items that will impress guests and live beyond our wedding day. Perhaps you will be inspired to make the same choice.

Bouquets Preserved in Framed Florals

You spent months on Pinterest, searching for the perfect flowers, and hours looking for the right florist. You even spent thousands of dollars to get your dream flower arrangement. And they are gone in a single day? Tragic. I’ve seen more than I can count end up in the trash before the wedding couple even left their venue. Framed Florals can save your bouquet by pressing and preserving your beautiful buds in a stylish floating frame.

Lacie’s unique talents have allowed me to preserve bougainvillea flowers from where we were engaged in Greece. I plan to do the same thing with my foraged bunch.

Altar Pieces

You might be a skilled craftsman, like the couple. A family member may have made an altar for you, or you might like the piece you found. If you have a large backyard to work with, you could create a beautiful structure. Imagine having cocoa and a blanket with honey under the altar where you were married.

Ceremonial Rugs

When I visited Morocco, the couple who eloped with me searched the souk of Marrakech for the perfect rug on which to say “I Do” and return to Seattle. You can keep this heirloom for a lifetime, just like your altar.

Long-lasting, Versatile Attire

The dress I recently purchased will be worn at my Bachelorette, our pool party, tacos the night before our wedding, our honeymoon (you know, to remind everyone that I’m the bride), and many other events. The Nicholas dress I just bought will be worn at my Bachelorette party, our pool party, tacos on the night before the wedding, during our honeymoon, and at many dinners and events in the future. I can imagine Jack’s face lighting up when he sees me wearing one of my wedding gowns years later. They will have a special place in my closet.

Hand-crafted ceramic serve ware

We will use biodegradable, eco-friendly bamboo pieces to make our plates and flatware. However, we will purchase the server from Mexican artisans for all our shared dishes. On the wedding day, colorful platters and bowls will cover our farm table. They will also be used as dinnerware in the future.

Pretty Cake Plates

What could be more memorable than the cake plate that held your wedding cake for experienced and novice bakers?

Neon Signage

Custom neon signs are a recent trend in interior design. Choose a phrase or color to display in your home and make those newlywed parties a hit.

Woven Blankets

Is it always cold? (Both hands raised!) Maybe some of your guests feel the same way. If you are lucky enough to be in a place with beautiful textiles, buy locally woven blankets for your guests who may get cold at night. Ship them back home to enjoy years of snuggling in your marriage.