When you think of the wedding day, what are the first things that springs to your thoughts? The music! When you are planning your wedding day there are plenty of decisions to be made. One thing that should be at the top of your list is who will be the DJ at your reception. The blog article will give 10 suggestions and ideas to help you select the most suitable DJ for your wedding reception.

Interviewing Your Wedding DJ

You’ve probably never hired a wedding DJ previously, and even if you are aware of how you’d like the evening to unfold the professionals you are interviewing make this their livelihood. Any reliable DJ service can guide you through the night and assist you in preparing for any unexpected situations. This will allow you that the event can be managed with professionalism that you expect from a professional.

Consider Your Entertainment Budget.

If you’re in a pinch it is crucial to determine what the current cost for weddings in your region prior to interviewing DJs to ensure that you can compare costs and decide if they’ll be able to supply all the services you require. Your budget is likely to be among the most crucial aspects of hiring. Certain DJs have higher prices due to the fact that this is among the most important nights in your life. Although this is may be true, the price should be determined by the quality of services they provide rather than the importance of the evening. It is important to be sure you know the specifics of the package being offered and ensure that you think that you will be more interested by the performance in comparison to the more expensive packages.

Your Other Wedding Vendors

Find out from every company you talk to what their policy is regarding interactions and interacting with their vendors. A genuine master of ceremonies will assume on the whole of the evening. They coordinate with the catering videographers, photographers, and assist with the staff of the house move tables, if needed. They’re in charge of putting on a show and each element should be subject to their control. If the videographer requires an audio feed for their video, they must be able to provide it. If the photographer requires the laser lights to be turned off to prevent red dots appearing on people’s foreheads in the pictures The DJ must be able to accommodate with the request. If the catering schedule is a little late, the DJ must be able to control the duration and adjust the program in a manner that nobody would even know there was a problem. If the DJ you’re interviewing is willing and able to assist with these minor things it is a sign that they are the right person to manage your special evening.

Choosing Your Music

The DJ must be aware of your preferences in music and be able to read the mood of a crowd. If you’re planning a more retro-themed event, they should be competent enough to mix all these songs in a seamless manner so that everyone is dancing from beginning to end. Every wedding DJ’s each has their own style however, in general the music selections must be in line with your wishes that you have discussed prior to the event and the responses of guests to. Keep in mind that guests showed at a party, and when they have to listen to a restricted range of songs you’ve chosen and you’ll, in the end disappoint your family and friends as they be late and think of the wedding as anything other than the fun, happy evening it could be. It is important to speak with your DJ to get an understanding of their musical process and what they would recommend for each stage of the evening.

Communication & Planning The Event

Communication is essential for ensuring that everyone is on the same page of what must be accomplished. We suggest that you have a meeting with the DJ a month before the event to ensure they can plan properly for the equipment such as sound levels, equipment, and the lineups. It will also allow them the opportunity to know the amount of music or ambiance you’d like to incorporate into every stage of the evening. It is essential to include aspects like the ceremony music as well as the cocktail music, grand entrance, as well as special dances. Also, you should determine who will be speaking and toasts, so that the DJ knows who will require microphones. This simple step can prevent issues from occurring during the night.

The Wedding Venue

Each venue has their own guidelines for how things take place, especially when it comes to DJs. There are a few crucial considerations to take into account. First, the venue must be able to supply the necessary power to DJs and other equipment that you’re renting. In the next step, you’ll want to know about any restrictions regarding the noise ordinance or sound Some regions have noise ordinances which make it mandatory for music to be turned off at a certain time and some venues do not permit the use of loud music since it can cause disturbance to guests. It is also important to know the location of restrooms with respect to the reception, as in addition to things such as the passwords to wifi and the manner in which alcohol is dealt with. These are all essential for DJs to be aware of. Many professional DJs have been at the most crowded venues but don’t believe that they’ll be able to provide you with the information, as they may have limited knowledge of the venue or none any experience at all.

The DJs Equipment

Take a look at their equipment before you decide. It might be an odd idea in the event that you are not knowledgeable about the equipment. However it’s important to be aware of what’s going to appear in the backdrop of wedding pictures. If the cabinets are massive with a fuzzy carpet, and piles of speakers hung from high ceilings, they can be a problem for the overall look of the space, and because setups like this tend to be quite old and not always be very impressive. Line arrays have gotten more popular in recent times and have a sleek design with a tiny footprint while providing a crisp sound throughout the space, regardless of how large or small the space. Mics are another aspect to consider too, and you’ll be able to inquire what the distance of microphones and the way they are able to pick up sound across the space. The DJ’s answers will give you confidence they’re true experts and are able to perform on your big night.

Professional Wedding DJ Vs Family DJ

Most of the time family members are typically not professional and therefore they might lack the experience or expertise required. The most infamous wedding DJ tales result when a person hires an acquaintance or a family member. There are many reasons for this to happen and the most prevalent is that they don’t have experience in the industry of weddings, and don’t have any idea of what they can expect. There is a widespread misconception that DJs only play music, but in reality they’re actually an actor in directing a show. They are juggling multiple tasks throughout the night, and when someone in the family is playing music, other duties are left to be left unfinished or even improvised in the final moment. The third most frequent reason is the connection that they share with you. obviously they don’t wish to disappoint you However, they are also aware that you’ll forgive them which could result in less attention to crucial dynamics all night long.

Understand The Lighting

It is crucial to match different lighting colors with the music, particularly in case you’re planning to have a dancing floors or a party atmosphere. When selecting lighting choices, take into consideration how they will appear in your photos and how they can affect the way your room feels. A good uplighting choice can change the mood as well as instantly change a standard room into a more comfortable and intimate space to relax in. It will encourage your guests to be more relaxed and truly enjoy the evening. The lighting of the dance floor is a different consideration You need enough light to illuminate the dance floor however not so as to alter the atmosphere of the room If the room is filled with too many lights, it may be overwhelming for the entire space, and a professional dj in Sydney will be able to determine the appropriate quantity of lights for dancing. Another light to think about is a gobo light. This is a custom-designed light that DJs may provide, usually it’s a monogram that is engraved with the couple’s initials or name or family crest. The light stretches across the ceiling and walls, creating the feeling of a larger event, while also celebrating the union of two families. It is best to ask the DJ to can provide this lighting and then brainstorm the way you would like it to appear.

Read The Contract

If you come across DJs they are likely to share their contract to you to look over. It is essential since it allows you to clarify any questions you may have and ensure there aren’t any unwritten clauses or terms within the agreement that may result in issues later down the line. Making the effort to do this is always worthwhile because DJs need specific requirements, such as electricity, limits with guests, as well as other conditions to fulfill their duties. It is your responsibility to ensure they meet and their contract will outline this. It also serves as a promise they make to you. In essence it reads, regardless of what you choose to have DJs on the wedding, or otherwise you’ll be entitled to a refund or damages.

Check if They Have Event Insurance

A majority of DJ companies have liability insurance that protects themselves in the case that they are involved in an incident. But, it’s not always not only protect them, but it also safeguard you and anyone else in the party should they be held accountable for unfortunate accidents. The policies typically will cover damage to property and medical injuries. It is usually required for DJs to perform in certain venues, with 1 million dollar insurance is usually a requirement for the policy. Knowing the coverage of your insurance policy can give you more assurance that everything that is traced has been done correctly.