Slowing down when juggling your career, social life, family, and wedding planning can be challenging. If you’re not careful, your wedding date will pass you by.

As a former bride who chose a destination wedding, I am biased. But I would recommend a long wedding getaway to any couple that wants to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Liz and Gautham are doctors & parents. They have a busy schedule. The couple, who rely heavily on their planner at Amanda Rose weddings for all their wedding planning, chose to slow down and invite a small group of friends & family for a week-long celebration in Hilton Head Island.

The week was dreamy & idyllic in every aspect: Dinners on the beach with dolphins, lounging hours by the pool, and the three homes they rented out for their guests. South Carolina is a Country living at its best.

Our Love Story

Both of us are doctors, and we met at the hospital. Gautham attended while I was still in training. Unfortunately, our romance was not as thrilling or scandalous as those seen on Grey’s Anatomy. We became good friends, then waited until my residency was over before we started dating.

We went to Bali. I knew a proposal would be coming, so I asked Gautham to make it before we left for the trip. This way, I wouldn’t be nervous during the entire vacation. He planned a dinner for us on the beach our first night. It was beautiful. Before telling anyone, we enjoyed our trip together as a newly-engaged couple.


I originally wanted to marry at a courthouse because it would be less work. Gautham, however, wanted something more romantic with our family and friends present. We both worked hard and enjoyed more time with our loved ones. Hilton Head Island has always held a special place for me because I used to go there every year as a child. We rented three beach homes on Hilton Head Island and filled them with family and friends.

The Planning

Aimee Fennessy of Amanda Rose Weddings was our primary planner. She made everything seamless, from the decor and food to the service. She made our dream of a farm table for all our thirty guests a reality in the backyard of one of the homes, complete with string lighting, delicious food, and beautiful decor – PERFECT!

The Dress

We went shopping for wedding dresses in New York City with my mom. We tried several bridal salons but had little luck. We stopped by Macy’s on a whim, and I found the dress. When I tried it on, I was so happy (mainly because the shopping was done!)

The Photographer

David ( Ritual Photography ) was also critical. I first met him at my friend Sonia’s wedding. He captured beautiful photos, but more importantly, he blended in well with the wedding vibe and made us feel at ease. He and his partner Beth captured real moments, not staged ones. He stayed with us at one of our houses for a week and took photos.

Favorite moments

A storm came through the night of our rehearsal and turned the sky pink. This is the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen. It was a stunning backdrop for my father’s touching toast.

We took our children Rohan and Isha to the Commander Zodiac for dolphin watching the morning before the wedding. Unfortunately, we did not see many dolphins. As I walked with my father down the aisle later that day, a pod of dolphins came by and stayed for the entire ceremony. As I walked down the aisle, everyone was watching me. I pointed and shouted, “You guys look!” Dolphins!” That was pretty cool.

Tom, our friend, was the officiant. Gautham knows and trusts him for a very long time. He is married to his high-school sweetheart Mary. It was a wonderful experience to have him marry us.

The next night, Ken (and technically several of Gautham’s guests’ bosses) and his spouse kicked us in the buttocks during a game of flip-cup. This was a very unexpected and fun experience!

Traditions and Family Heirlooms

Tony, my stepdad, died a few decades ago. He was an essential part of my childhood. My mother bought me a locket that had his picture on it. She gave it to me a day before my wedding. We attached the locket to my flowers to allow him to walk with me down the aisle. This is something that I will cherish forever.

According to Indian tradition, a bride is identified as married by a necklace known as a mangalsutra. My husband put the mangalsutra on me after my rehearsal dinner. Gautham’s mother gave it to me. Jay, our close friend, explained to the guests what it meant.

DIY Details

My mom made prescription pads because we both are doctors. Each guest was asked to write down their prescription for a successful marriage. She made the place settings for our rehearsal meal and hung photos of Gautham & me in each beach house to add a personal touch. She made me a handkerchief that said “Keep Your Shit Together,” which was a much-needed comic relief when my husband and I cried like babies while trying to say our wedding vows.

Couples Advice

It is essential to focus on the big picture and not get distracted by details. My planner, Aimee, took care of all the details so that I could enjoy my family, my friends, and my husband.


We stayed in Casa San Agustin for our honeymoon. It was a wonderful experience!