Modern minimalist gown, check. Colorful wildflowers & an airplant bouquet, double check. Backyard countryside vibes at a stately home in Kentucky, triple check. What else could this hip-and-happening wedding need? A pizza party!

Angela and Jonathan know how to throw a party. From the personal details (take, for instance, a mutual love of Twin Peaks and a meet-cute history at a coffee shop) to taking care of their guests with a killer wedding dinner, we see nothing but smiles in Sarah Katherine Davis’ candid, light-filled photos.

Beyond the significant party wins, the decor and attire were massively stylish. Bride Angela wore a fabulous and super modern BHLDN gown, pairing her look with equally trendy wildflower blooms, king proteas (obsessed!), and succulents. Groom Jonathan was dressed just as smartly in a dapper blue suit and a patterned statement bow tie.

Now enjoy the fete while humming to “Kentucky Woman” with me. (Sorry, guys, it’s my favorite Neil Diamond song; I can’t help it!)

Our Love Story

We met when I was working at a local coffee shop. Jonathan did not have the internet at his house and would frequent my work, always asking me to surprise him with different coffee drinks each time I saw him. One year after we met, we ran into each other at a local bar, as fate would have it, a month before he left for the Peace Corps. We decided to go on a date, and the adventures have not stopped since.

The Wedding Venue & Vibes

Our wedding centered around what mattered to us: delicious food, nature, family, friends, and Twin Peaks. Due to our schedules (we are both teachers), we knew that having a summer wedding would be ideal. Black Acres, our venue, was a beautiful space and represented our values with their community garden, educational outreach, and artist residencies.

Since we got engaged, we kept returning to our love for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and knew that we would include references to the show throughout the evening (such as Laura Palmer in our remembrance wall and cold brew coffee). Our friends filled us with love throughout the day and were part of our day. Our close friend married us; one read a beautiful passage from The Great Gatsby, and another gave us flowers for our centerpieces. The amount of love given to us by our family and friends throughout the process made the day incredible.

Favorite Moments

So many small things were included that still make me smile.

First, the love and help we received from family and friends was incredible. Our friend Brad made our wedding cake, topped with my grandparents’ wedding topper. The cocktails were based on our personalities, and we had a blast taste-testing them before the wedding.

The ceremony music was also one of my favorite parts, planning and during the day. Jonathan curated all the music for the ceremony, and we previewed them at home and in the car. The song I walked down the aisle to (“Book of Love” by The Magnetic Fields) still makes me tear up.

Other favorite moments included our first look, a hilarious after-party at a local karaoke bar, my father walking me down the aisle, and getting ready with my mother and closest friends.

The Food

After attending over eight weddings the year before ours, we knew that having fantastic food and drink vendors was essential. We went with Rye for drinks due to their incredible cocktails and sentimental connection. Mozzapi was found by our wedding planner, who knocked our socks off with their service and food.

Advice to Other Couples

Do not be afraid to add personal things, even if they are not traditional. Your gut (not Pinterest) will know which decision is the best for you as a couple, and follow that instinct.

Do a first look (it helps with nerves & gives you more time to spend with friends).

Something will be forgotten (and it will not matter). Be present. Take a moment to breathe and take in the small delights of the day.

The Photography

I have known Sarah since high school and have loved her photography since. Beyond having a personal connection with her, I adore her photojournalistic style and commitment to the medium. She has a great eye and is willing to experiment with film and alternative photography techniques (something important to me as an artist). Sarah went above and beyond from the engagement shoot to the day of our wedding and was one of the best decisions of the day.

The Honeymoon

Getting on a plane and heading out on an adventure without the stress of wedding decision-making was a great decision. Being with your partner alone is priceless after the events leading up to a wedding. We took two weeks to head out west. We started in Portland, Oregon, camped in the redwoods, explored small towns, and ended the voyage in San Francisco.