You’re not alone if you notice your wedding “to-do list” growing by the day. Creating a customized and modern wedding party look doesn’t need to be another daunting task on your list – which is why we’re here to help your groom and groomsmen rent their wedding day tuxedos and suits in the easiest and most time-efficient way (without sacrificing style!)

The masters of simplifying the process, Generation Tux, make renting a suit as easy as a night at home with your future spouse. They help you create the most customized look – from tux colors to options for cufflinks and suspenders – all from home. Their online rental system is perfect for anyone, from the easy-going hipster couple to the power couple who wants to keep things sleek and simple. It’s even suitable for a couple on a tight budget! Why not choose the most stylish suits in a way that suits your lifestyle?

We must admit, it feels incredible to cross this one off the wedding list! We recommend you grab a bottle of wine, throw on your favorite show, and handle the suits together.

Rent From Home

You don’t even have to leave your house! Generation Tux has helped cut out the frustrating step of in-store rentals, which can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and unnecessary.

Add your partner and the rest of your wedding party to your online account. You get to hand-select each detail – from suit type to tie colors! Each of your groomsmen enters their information into the Fit Profile, and the site directs them to the ensemble you’ve chosen and guides them simply through the process from beginning to end.

The Endless Modern Options

They have so many more suit and tux options beyond the basic black. (How hip is this Cement Gray Suit?) They even send you complimentary swatches to ensure the pocket squares will match your wedding accent colors. Within a day of signing up online, I received a personal message from Generation Tux, setting me up with swatches to aid in coordinating all the elements I wanted.

The styles are modern (goodbye oversized and boxy department store looks), offering stylish & slim fits – and are sure to have all your party looking and feeling their best.

It’s Organized

Their online platform makes it easy to invite your friends (mainly if your wedding party is scattered among different cities). You can check their progress online with automated reminders for you AND your wedding party. Generation Tux reminds them about all the details so you don’t have to (finally, relief!), including getting fit, payment, and returning the items after the wedding.

And get this: if you have six or more people (including the groom) renting a suit or tux, the groom receives a complete outfit rental free! (Promotion is only valid when at least five other Event Members have paid for their outfits, but until the best offer in the marketplace! ).

Delivery is Easy

Suits are delivered directly to each person. The entire ensemble arrives about two weeks before the wedding date. If anything doesn’t fit, Generation Tux sends you a free replacement immediately, no exchange necessary, ensuring your friends (and future spouses!) all have the right fit. The groom even gets to try on his suit in advance with their excellent 48-hour “Home Try-On” option, so you can both get a sneak peek of the process before the big day!

Less Worrying, More Enjoying The Big Day

With all the suits being delivered beforehand, there is no reason to worry about anyone forgetting to pick up their ensemble. Everyone enjoys the celebration, knowing their case is perfectly curated for shape, size, and desired aesthetic. Items are shipped back with a prepaid label within three business days, with no worries of finding a dry-cleaner or coordinating a time to return all the suit items. Seriously, they’ve thought of everything!