Sofia and Jimmy called their island wedding in Sweden a “cozy party.” What more could one expect from two high school sweethearts who are so comfortable and relaxed?

This boho, organic wedding in Stockholm was a Scandinavian fantasy: tall, wooded trees, charming seaside docks, and moody, atmospheric colors. The natural beauty of the area was endless. The couple took advantage of these features by using everything wild, including white flowers and fresh greenery in a bohemian braid.

Sofia and Jimmy paid great attention to the details of their lighting plan to bring out the beauty of the surrounding landscapes at night. The couple strung string lights on trees and the pier so that guests could enjoy the wilderness into the evening. The stars must have looked amazing!

Our Love Story

We met at a party for a friend when we were both 16 years old. Our relationship had many ups and downs during our teenage years. But we made it through and are now a strong couple.

Jimmy proposed to me on a private beach in New Zealand. We had just finished a day of adventures that included skydiving. At first I asked, “What are you doing?” But when I realized what he was proposing, I said yes.

Destination and Style

Musko is an island on the Stockholm archipelago, where Jimmy’s parents’ country house is. We have spent many hours together in this area and wanted an outdoor wedding instead of a church. The theme was very natural. It consisted of white roses with greenery. Lighting was also important; we wanted to create a cozy atmosphere, so we placed lots of lights around the pier and in the trees.

Favorite moments

The music, the location on Musko Island, where we spent so much time, and our friend conducting the ceremony were all memorable.

We both enjoy the series “Friends,” and one song was dedicated to Sofia’s late mother. Another song was the theme from that show. We loved to party and wanted everyone to have a good time. And that’s precisely what happened: guests danced all night.

The Photographer

We’ve seen many of Sara’s Sara photos and liked them. Communication with her was simple and relaxed.

Couples Advice

You don’t want compromises to be made for today. Consider what is most important to you, and place the most emphasis on that.


We chose an all-inclusive “adult hotel” for our vacation in Cape Verde. Our goal was to relax and enjoy the sun. There was not much adventure going on.