By now, you all know that I’m obsessed with Greek Island Weddings. Everything about Greek weddings melts me, from the elegant Santorini weddings to our Milos wedding. We have a beautiful and fun wedding on the island of Hydra for you today.

Hydra is a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. The houses are built into the cliffs, forcing tourists and residents to walk or take a donkey. Scott and Kristi used their lightweight and airy photographer, Penelope Photo, to take a fun and hilarious donkey tour around town.

After their tour, they married in front of an aqua-blue sea, with all the details so beautiful, organic, and blending into the island’s natural beauty. Our favorite detail was their altar. It was decorated with white flowers and olive branches. We can’t get enough!

The Destination

Scott and Kristi are united in holy matrimony by Sunset Restaurant, Hydra.

Hydra is charming, picturesque, and modern, but it is a traditional Greek island with elegant grey stone houses, cozy alleyways, and aristocratic homes. People around the globe will ride the beautiful donkeys characteristic of this island since cars cannot reach the houses built of stone.

Hydra was the perfect destination for a sunset wedding that was romantic and unique. The bride was beautiful, and the food was excellent.

Dress & Attire

The dress was semi-formal, with a touch of toga and Grecian chic. Shoes and suit jackets weren’t required. Sandals are an excellent idea for weddings on the islands!

Wedding colors, pastels, and neutrals blend with all other shades and create a painting-like effect.

Special Moments and Traditions

At this unique, never-ending-surprises wedding, we enjoyed the arrival of the legendary Frigate “Libertad,” honoring the Argentine Republic’s 200th anniversary of independence. It was carrying a message of peace and friendship to the world called the “Bicentennial Voyage.”

The Argentinian crew was thrilled to see a wedding that was so beautiful and so far from home yet so familiar.