When I lamented the dark, cold, & dreary winter season that was on its way, I received a piece of excellent advice: How can one survive the whole winter? Celebrate it all! All three months should be treated with the same festive spirit as the few weeks we spend on holidays.

In the wedding industry, we have added extra “holidays” for all brides and grooms who plan their festive weddings during the first cold months of the calendar year. We think celebrating winter, rather than pretending it isn’t there, will add a unique seasonal touch to your wedding.

In that spirit, our friends from Be Inspired PR have gathered their resident experts to advise you on subtle ways to incorporate winter into your wedding decor. These ideas, from cozy linens to multiple candles on top of each other, will make you so happy you chose winter as the theme for your wedding.

Winter Blooms

“Nothing is more wintery or pink than the first forsythia blossoms.” The perfect blushing wedding. “That’s winter done correctly.” – Stephanie Allen, Owner, Allenbrooke Farms.

Seasonal Drinks & Garnishes

Winter weddings can be magical and bright. Decor can also follow suit. Mixing metallics with fresh greens will make spirits sparkle. Include quirky, fun elements in your design. For example, sprigs or rosemary as cocktail toppers or a nutcracker perched on an elegant silver platter with a glass cover.

Create the Perfect Winter Palette

You can use rich, deep colors in your florals and table settings or go for fun and sparkling bridesmaid dresses to spice things up.” – Kari Dirksen, Founder + Head Designer, a data-am-clean Use rich, deep colors for your florals, table settings, or bridesmaids dresses to add some sparkle.

Fill your space with candles

Winter weddings are a lot of fun! “I like to use lots of candles and rich floral colors (such as burgundy) and unique lighting to make the space feel warm and inviting.” – Tyler Speier Event.

Keep it Simple and clean

There is no need to go red and green plaid everything; keep it simple, elegant, and timeless with simple touches of the season! – Nora Sheils. Founder. Keep it simple and elegant with simple touches that reflect the season. – Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss

Add Texture and Warmth

Winter is a great time to bring warmth, texture, and color to your wedding! There are many ways to make a winter wedding stand out: a fireplace, dark greens with textural details, or food and drinks to warm up your guests.

Fashion is a Must

Fur in fashion, holiday decor at venues, and tasty winter treats are all fantastic ideas to bring to the festivity. Hair in style, holiday décor at venues, and delicious winter treats are excellent ideas to get to the festival.”

You can find more wedding decor ideas for winter in our Weddings section. We also have daily inspiration on Instagram.