Getting married is a very big responsibility at the best of times and all of your family and friends want you to have the best possible chance of a very long and happy life together. You do not plan your wedding budget around the needs of your guests. Your priority is to plan a wedding budget which gives you alone the best possible wedding day without putting yourselves into a highly stressed out state, worrying about the wedding budget.

So when it comes to wedding planning and budgeting, define a wedding budget plan that you can reasonably afford and stick with it. Sure, a lavish wedding is all well and good with all the whistles and bells but if this means causing yourselves heightened stress and worry, you are really defeating the purpose of the wedding day and denying yourself the enjoyment that should come with this special day.

If you plan on hiring outside services to help ensure that your wedding plans go very smoothly, it may be that you can cut some wedding costs down by trimming some things and allocating these tasks or wedding services to trusted family or friends. The wedding cake is just one example. Maybe you could ask the grandparents on both sides if this is something which they might like to take responsibility for. Not only will this nurture possibly new friendships and bonds between the family, you also get a wonderful old time wedding cake recipe, which has been tried and tested before.

Or it may be that one of your friends has a very good relationship with his or her very good camera and can do your wedding photography on the day for you. Of course, such a person will need to understand a bit about how wedding photography works to ensure that you get only the very best images on the day.

As regards wedding transport, perhaps a friend, a business colleague or another family member knows someone that can get you a very special deal? Ask around, sometimes you will be surprised at just how much help is out there.

If money is not an issue for wedding day expenditures, you might want to simply hand over the entire wedding planning process to a wedding manager or wedding manageress, someone experienced in wedding day management, so that everything can be virtually assured to go just about as smoothly as possible without any hitches at all. Of course, every wedding plan circumstance is different for all people, only you really know best about what you want and need for the special upcoming day, special event in your lives together.