Why do we have a passion for Greek weddings? It may appear to feature a lot of marriage and styled shoots in the Hellenic paradise, but we can’t resist sharing!

We take a daydream ferry to Rhodes today, where one of the best Greek wedding photographers, George Liopetas, has captured some stunning & luxurious wedding ideas fit for a bride who is a goddess.

How did the Aegean scene transform from a simple Greek garden into a wealthy one? The flowers were a big part of the scene, with an over-the-top floral arbor for photos and ceremony and the rose bouquet laced in opulent orchids.

This Rhodes wedding scene features a bride in a stunning embellished gown paired with a groom in a slick black tie.

George Liopetas

Rhodes is a fascinating island. The streets are full of history, castles, and ghosts in shining armor. We had a strong bond with the island, and the richness of the landscape inspired us.

We always look for interesting concepts to make an editorial successful. Visually, the more dynamic the editorial is, the more interesting the style. This wedding inspiration hit all the right notes. The unique color combination was stunning, with warm tones elegantly interwoven with cool ones. It was like sunrises and sundowns were mixed to create a perfect palette.

The Florals

The floral arrangements created by Golden Apple Weddings are a work of art! The pale pink and peach roses and the muted calls worked beautifully with the dusty pink carnations and speckled orchids. The lack of greenery made the bouquets more luxurious. The smells (yes, there were two) also looked great. Were perfect! The second was a riot of white and pink orchids with a pinkish tone and ochre hues. Perfection, right?

Dress & Attire

Who says that flowers have to be new? Elisabeth’s headpiece featured a floral masterpiece of fine metals and precious stones.

The wedding dress of Made Bridal sparkled in the sun with its applique flowers, silk blossoms, and lace.

Daniel looked dashing in his white vintage Morgan Motor. His charm blew away Elisabeth!


The teal plates were hand-painted and had a gold rim. They were a unique table setting inspired by the local island haute pottery. Gold cutlery was also used (of course!) Silver candle holders and gold cutlery made everything look ultra-caffeine!

The Setting

The contemporary round arch and vintage cocktail table setting created this eclectic environment. Modern versus vintage. Velvet and metal versus wood. The royal-looking wedding cake, the newfangled finger foods, the eternally chic champagnes, and the state-of-the-art cocktails. The whole concept was a celebration of the old and new.

It was a great experience to capture this moment. The mansion and setting were stunning, and the event planners, Golden Apple Weddings, and Secret Owl were terrific! We could not help but smile when we looked at the photos!


Our stationery, designed by Manousenia Design, was one-of-a-kind. We liked how the elements, such as the elegant and straightforward calligraphy, hand-painted island map designs, and invitations with traditional patterns combined with dried orchids and hibiscus, were styled. All the textures and colors were elegantly combined, offering a refreshing alternative to conventional stationery with only one or two colors.