You can’t always have it all. You can find Tuscany in your home state. (Whew! Save on flights to Europe!) What a dream it would be to tailor a dress according to your style, silence the noise, and celebrate your marriage in a way that is intimate for you. Paige and Justin achieved it in their elegant Arizona ceremony.

The Arizona couple chose the Superstition Mountains as their backdrop for a wedding that would stand the test of time. As captured by Katelyn Catu Photography. The rustic decor was timeless, as the couple had hoped, and they were able to host a small, 25-person party.

It can be hard to tell your family and friends that you have chosen an intimate wedding to celebrate your marriage, especially when they respond less than sympathetic. Even after receiving criticism, the couple didn’t regret their decision to have a small wedding. “There are many ways people will tell that a marriage is supposed to to happen.” “Forget that!”

Our Love Story

Justin and I met online. After a week of messaging back and forth, we finally met. We became the same from that moment.

We had matinee tickets for a weekend in February. We planned to have an excellent breakfast before the matinee. We went to Royal Palm Resort for brunch and drinks in our suits. We went on a walk while we were at the Royal Palm Resort. In an alcove on the property, he proposed to me.

The Attire

I chose a wedding dress that was classic, modest, and flattering to my body. I was very particular about my style, but I had a fantastic team that helped me. I spent 45 minutes with my tailor going over ten-plus bustles. This is dedication. I could wear my dress without worrying about being photographed in an unflattering position. My dress was gorgeous, and I felt so comfortable.

My husband chose a suit that fit well. The spring colors with the summer weight fabric were chosen. Most importantly, it was something comfortable and true to him.

Wedding Style

I wanted our wedding to have a classic, timeless feel. We both joke that we are old souls stuck in the wrong era. This influenced how we planned our marriage. We wanted something romantic, elegant, and lovely. We wanted a day to look back at and still be in style. The balance between classic and simple was perfect.

The romantic Italian influence of our chosen location inspired us. The site inspired the colors and style. I wanted to be a classic bride and not choose something too trendy. I went for simple, traditional colors and styles.

The Flowers

The flowers, décor, setup, and overall style for this wedding were all done by my excellent mother-in-law. She made me three bouquets to pick the one I liked best. She made bouquets for me, her, my grandmother, and my mother. She made the aisle runners, florals for the head table, and candelabras. Also, she did my hairpiece, stairways, and centerpieces. The mix included eucalyptus peonies, garden roses, wax flowers, and baby’s breath.

The Intimate Guests List

Twenty-five people attended our wedding. This was also a big part of our wedding. We both come from large families, so we needed to establish and adhere to a firm boundary. We invited only immediate family (siblings and parents) and a few friends. This caused us to receive some criticism. Some family members sent us nasty messages and made snarky remarks, but our wedding was a celebration of love.

We didn’t want to rush around to visit our great uncle’s twice-removed daughter. We spent quality time together and with our family and friends.


We are both avid note-writers. We began our relationship by sharing a journal and sending notes back and forth. This was the same on our wedding day.

We both wrote notes in the same book, and I wrote him an actual book. This book told our story. The book I gave him at our wedding was filled with stories from our dating days and other special memories.

Favorite moments

This day was filled with so many unforgettable moments. I was a little tunnel-visioned for my groom. That was the best moment of that day. This was a moment of oops when I forgot that we had hired a videographer. But that’s how focused we were on him and ourselves. For this reason, a team of professionals can be accommodating, assertive, and no-nonsense family and friends. The bride and groom should take a back seat and let things fall into place.

Even though our wedding day was romantic, there were still some hiccups. I have a picture of me stumbling over laughing at a grandma’s stupid comment. It’s because it was a simple, joyful day.

In a lighter vein, I burst into tears as I started down the aisle. Waterworks began to flow. My younger brother was escorting me down the aisle. In typical little brother style, he looked at me and said, “Seriously?!?” You’re already sobbing. Come on, Paige. “Get it together.” A mixture of joy, happy tears, and a feeling of being out of your body. What I loved most about our wedding was how it was filled with joy and love, which defines us as a pair.