Elopements are popular for obvious reasons: you don’t have to worry about a crowd of people influencing your decision, and you can plan your elopement.

We usually cover more adventurous, free-spirited elopements on our blog. The beauty of these wedding plans is that you can still make it as luxurious, glamorous, & elegant as an actual wedding! You ask, “How?” First, choose a venue with a sense of grandeur. If you are a California bride, look no further than San Francisco City Hall.

We don’t have as many ornate city councils in America for civil ceremonies. (I spent years photographing weddings in France, and beautiful government spaces spoil them!) The few places that genuinely impress are the ones with the most ornate city halls. San Francisco City Hall falls into this category. The classic venue to say “I do,” City Hall is grand, plentiful, and stunning. It offers all the pomp & ceremony you could ask for.

PeonyPark Photography and her talented team of Cali wedding professionals styled an equally stylish bride & groom to show how glamorous elopement can be.

Peony Park Photographer

As the photographer and coordinator who recruited everyone and assembled a great team, I admit that I did not expect this styled shooting to be as excellent as it has been. The color palette and floral arrangement were beyond my expectations. I also had a team of professionals who I consider diamonds in the industry.

The first thing I thought about when it came to SF City Hall was to create something unique. I wanted to make sure that people who look at the gallery would say, “Wow, I didn’t realize SF City Hall had this spot for pictures” or, “This elopement style is stunning!” I remember that when I told my stylist, Jackie, of this idea, she said I’d need to prepare a shot list for different angles because other photographers had already done everything I could think of.

We have chosen white, peach, and lavender as our color palette. This color combination is modern and elegant for an elopement-styled shoot. SF City Hall has beautiful architecture, so we will choose muted colors to highlight its beauty.

The word “luminous” inspired me to create the design. I thought of it when I saw other fine art photographs of couples in the hallway on the third floor, where the marble floors and walls reflected bright sunlight onto their faces. This created a dreamy glow. I placed my subjects in the areas where shadows and light meet to highlight the fantastic lighting inside this historic venue for weddings and receptions.