The couple today would describe their relationship and proposal as intimate, casual, & deeply personal. And, dare we say how they’d tell the gorgeous Koi Gardens Wedding?

The zen-inspired wedding venue can be a great way to keep calm and collected on your big day, no matter how spontaneous the situation may be. The medium of bride Jessica and groom Nick Redland Koi Gardens in Miami is an excellent place for those who are calm & collected to marry. Redlands, a hidden gem in Miami, has beautiful gardens, bridges that create a unique space for the ceremony, and pagodas to take portraits.

The day is awash with calm, perhaps due to the venue’s Zen vibe. Both Jessica and Nick’s wedding looks are runway-ready. Our bride and groom were surprised by each other with their wedding outfits.

Our Love Story

We met through mutual friends in college but didn’t start dating until years later at a cafe.

The story of our proposal was intimate, personal, casual, and slight.

The Venue & Planning

We knew that we wanted a wedding that was both beautiful and comfortable. We wanted it to feel natural. The Redland Koi Gardens was the inspiration for our entire marriage. We were astonished and felt a sense of peace as we walked into the venue. It was spacious yet intimate. Organically beautiful, authentic, and unique.

First Look

We both had no idea what the other wore, and that was a small but exceptional detail. Our ‘First Look was a double-first look! Jessica (the bride) helped Nick choose his outfit. He responded, “If I cannot see what you are wearing, I also can’t.” We both were surprised and loved the outfits. As a bride, it was fun to be surprised positively. Nick chose for himself.

Florals & Decor

After that, everything else just seemed to fall into place. The flowers we chose were influenced by the garden’s natural beauty while still adhering to a more romantic color palette representing our relationship. To maintain the relaxed atmosphere, we rented benches and upholstered furnishings for our guests.

Favorite moments

We both have Christian backgrounds but decided to hold a non-traditional ceremony.

We arranged all the seats in one big group, so walking along an aisle was unnecessary. Instead of walking down the aisle with our wedding party, we hugged and greeted all our guests while we made our way up to where we would say our vows. Before we met the officiant, our immediate family was the last to be welcomed.

We gave everyone a glass of champagne to toast during the ceremony. This created a relaxed and welcoming environment. Almost every guest enjoyed our tradition because they felt they were rather than just being an observer.

The Photographer

After reviewing his Instagram profile, our wedding planner recommended Anton Kirinddongo. We knew that he could provide us with unique and creative photos.


Nick’s Jamaican roots and the Asian influences of the venue inspired our food.

Couples Advice

Hire a wedding planner for a practical tip! Stephanie was the sole reason that our wedding day went so well. She kept us on budget and was very knowledgeable about the wedding industry. We don’t believe we could have done it without her.


We enjoyed a relaxed honeymoon in Miami, staying in a cute boutique hotel called Life House in Little Havana. We highly recommend this hotel if you want a more casual experience in Miami and don’t want the flashy lifestyle.